Photos: Helsinki City Museum, Eeva Rista and Simo Rista

The basic hourly fee on employment law, contract law and on other corporate issues is 290 € + value added tax 24 % (69,60) = 359,60 €.

The basic hourly fee to the members of the Federation of Finnish Enterprises is 270 € + value added tax 24 % (64,80) = 334,80 €.

The basic hourly fee on family and inheritance law and on other civil issues is 230 € + value added tax 24 % (55,20) = 285,20 €.

The minimal charging unit is 0,3 hours (18 minutes).

Legal expenses insurance covers many types of dispute and litigation issues. We can contact your insurance provider on your behalf to determine whether your insurance covers legal expenses. In the end the client is always responsible for all the expenses which are not covered by the insurance.